Etruscan Coast

The Etruscan Coast extends over the entire province of Livorno

Hotel della Contrada is located on the promenade of Marina di Cecina, facing the sea, a few steps from the natural parks made up of the wonderful pine forests.

Etruscan Coast

You will discover the true charm of nature

The Etruscan coast is a stretch of sea between Livorno and Piombino that gathers the most beautiful and clean beaches in central Italy. In these places the Etruscan civilization was born and developed, which has left an indelible mark on the urban fabric and on the completed works, some of which have reached the present day. In addition to the Etruscans the tourist is enchanted by the coasts, with the possibility to choose between wide and sandy beaches and those with pebbles and rocks, which thin out gently towards the sea. In some places there are the nearby pine forests that can be exploited for packed lunches, walks and bicycle rides or just to smell the pines and stay cool in the Mediterranean scrub. History, nature, events, the sea and beautiful beaches turn an apparently usual holiday into a special period.

Marina di Cecina

Renowned holiday destination in the heart of the Etruscan Coast

From May until late September, Marina di Cecina is filled with tourists, mostly Italians, with many presences from Northern Italy. In general, many families from the Tuscan hinterland who spend the summer in their holiday homes each year. In the last few years the presence of foreign tourists is considerably increasing, but despite the exponential growth of tourism, Marina di Cecina remains a quiet and relaxing holiday destination. Without a doubt the great tranquility that can give, a tranquility that on canvas would have the colors of white, light blue and blue. But with a bit of the green of the palms of Viale della Vittoria, commonly called "the promenade". The walks that you may prefer are those in the middle of the sea, on the concrete path built between the rocks, where you can stop for sunbathing, take a bath, walk, breathe the salty water or watch the fishermen. There are at least four free beaches, two of which are very large. At the end of the walk, in the direction of Bibbona, then begins the strip called Andalù, wild and silent, irresistible especially in summer for those who do not like the crowded beach. The beach stretches over 10 kilometers parallel to the pine forest that falls within the Tomboli Nature Reserve, protected by the Forestry Corps: an absolute wonder.

Sub Excursions

Diving and courses in the splendid sea of the Etruscan Coast

Exciting diving to treat yourself to a journey among a myriad of colorful fish, corals, and blue waters. A unique experience in complete symbiosis with nature. All dives, from 1 up to 100, exclusively for our guests/members for only € 35.00 per dive including tank, ballast and guide.

Tomboli Nature Reserve

The Tomboli nature reserve

Let's take a step back in time to the aforementioned Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold. When in 1839 he undertook to build a pine forest at his own expense along the coast now affected by the Tomboli forest, the declared aim was to repair the agricultural crops behind from the violence and saltiness of the sea winds. The commitment was effectively maintained with the creation of the first nucleus of those beautiful pine forests that today we can admire along the coast of the extreme northern Maremma. In 1859, the forest passed to the State domain and was managed by the Ministry of Finance. When the Ministry banned the sale in 1906, the State Forestry Administration opposed it, managing to obtain that those state estates were declared inalienable and were delivered to it in order to carry out a rational sylvan culture. The original purpose to which the pinewood was destined still remains today, but other protective functions of equal importance have been added to this protective function, including the hygienic-recreational and appeal exerted on residents and vacationers. Among its natural inhabitants you can see squirrels, hedgehogs, but also the fox and, among the mustelids, the weasel.

Location of the Hotel della Contrada and map

We are in Marina di Cecina facing the sea

Hotel della Contrada is located on the promenade of Marina di Cecina, facing the sea, a few steps from the natural parks made up of the wonderful pine forests. The hotel has a 24-hour reception service, affiliated beaches and offers the possibility of booking excursions and small cruises among the wonderful islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, scuba diving and tourist excursions.

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